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pursuit of perfection...
To new members:

Membership is open.
Keep in mind that we mainly Friends-Lock our entries in here now.

Just wanted to explain to non-members why it could seem like we haven't posted in ages or don't post frequently - it's mostly showing up that way because we've locked almost all of our posts.

We ED girls usually like our privacy.


This is a community for those with an Eating Disorder. We are here to provide support and friendship, talk about our days, our problems, and our body issues. Please do not join this community if you are only seeking to lose weight. There are plenty of diet communities out there that will better suit your needs. We are a community for those who are not yet ready to recover. If you feel you have reached the point where you are ready to go into recovery, this isn't the right community for you. We recommend you visit ed_recovery where you will be surrounded by others who are also recovering.

We do have a minimum age requirement for this community! We'd like our members to be 16 and older. We are not trying to discriminate against any of you younger girls, but we feel that the younger you are, the more likely you may be to "escape" the obsessive tendencies of an ED before it's too late. We don't want to be responsible for causing or increasing your Pro-ED behaviours when you may be at a young enough age where you don't really know what you are getting into. ♥

After joining this community, please fill out a mini-bio about yourself in your first post containing the information below. Please correctly self-diagnose your disorder! If you need more information please visit ed_ucate. Also, if you were previously diagnosed by a doctor or if you previously qualified as a disorder-type but now you do not qualify, please specify that for us in your intro so that we can understand what your status is CURRENTLY versus what your status once was.

Here is the framework for the mini-bio:
ED Type/History
Current Weight
Current BMI (If you don't know this, Google it)
Highest Weight
Lowest Weight
Goal Weight(s)
Tell us a little bit about yourself... interests, hobbies, whatev.
Favorite Thinspiration

Trolls will be banned immediately, so don't bother.

Try to play nicely! Don't bash anyone else or call anyone out as a wana; rather, if you have a concern about another member please contact one of the MODs and the problem will be addressed immediately. Let's try to keep this community as drama and bullshit-free as possible.

This community is moderated by:
lastlorelei anaray livin4acrown

If you are having an issue or need questions answered please contact:


Or you can e-mail me at tartmiss@yahoo.com, and I'll get back to you ASAP. ♥

Thanks to scholarslayouts for the lay-out!

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At the moment we would appreciate no promotions in here for other ED support communities - we are trying to get ours running nicely and that's our focus for now. Once we regain the amount of members we used to have, we'll allow promos again.

Created in memory of...
... our lovely community that was unfortunately abandoned by a co-MOD and then deleted by a fat-ass troll. Tragic.